Natural Gas

Through our partnership with S J Energy Partners, Inc., Kelly Oil Company is a state-certified energy service company (ESCO), which means we can sell natural gas that is delivered through the National Grid distribution system.

Why Choose Kelly Oil Company for your Natural Gas needs?

  • No Hidden Fee’s
  • Single billing
  • We offer Variable and Fixed Rates 
  • Balanced Billing Available

Additional Savings for our Customers 

1- When buying gas from Kelly Oil Company, we will charge sales tax on the commodity, but New York sales tax on the utility portion of the bill is eliminated.

2- Utilities must collect GRT and MTA fees.

3- Kelly Oil Company does not have to collect GRT and MTA fees.

4- You continue to pay National Grid and Con Edison Directly.

5- National Grid and Con Edison continues to service your heating equipment.

6- No Interruption in your Service.

7- Month to Month Agreement (if your not happy, you can go back to National Grid and Con Edison at anytime)


If you currently receive Natural Gas from National Grid or Con Edison, you can rely on Kelly Oil to save you money !


Natural Gas is traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX).
Three calendar days before the end of each month a settlement price is set.
Gas sold for the next month will be at that price.
A Fixed Margin will be added to the settlement price establishing the sales price.
The margin remains fixed in regards to the settlement price.


Kelly Oil Company will guarantee you a percentage of savings compared
to the published price per therm of your local utility.
The savings will be calculated over a twelve month period.
In this pricing option each individual calendar month
is guaranteed never to exceed that of the local utility.


Kelly Oil Company can establish a flat fixed rate which will afford you budget
certainty by keeping your cost per therm fixed, regardless of market fluctuations.
We offer fixed rates for terms of three, six, nine and twelve months.
Fixed rates change daily with the price of gas on that given day.
Please call our office for the most aggressive fixed rates available to you.


Natural Gas Installation

When you choose Kelly Oil Company to install your natural gas heating system, you can be sure we will offer you the most efficient equipment available at an affordable price!

Please call us today at 516-371-3400

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